Rapitoy/Aguti (Argentina)
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Real Types (Canada)
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REI (Brazil)
Brinquedos ("toys") REI, a division of Alfema with a factory in Manaus, produced a wide range of toys in Brazil. Their dicast line in both 1:43 and 1:66 came from dies purchased from Schuco.

Unlike many reissues using old dies, there is no apparent loss of qualilty or fidelity in the REI versions. In fct, on at least one of the models (a Renault 17 coupe in 1:66), you'd have to say the quality on the REI is superior.

An interesting feature of some of the REI 1:43 models (which I assume reflect the Schuco versions) is that they come unassembled in a box so you can put them together or take them apart at will.

REI 1:43 kit box cover
REI 1:43 box interior REI Renault 17 bottom compared to Schuco Renault 17
1986 catalog 1
1986 catalog 2
1986 catalog 3
1986 catalog 4
1986 catalog 5
1986 catalog 6
1986 catalog 7

Roly (Brazil)
Roly Toys of Brazil started in in Rio De Janeiro in 1965, founded by Kurt Adolf Hamberger and Mauricio Nhuch (son-in-law of Arno Kikoler of Kiko). They manufactured Matchboxes under license with the Inbrima name, as well as their own cars. The model I have is a truly beat up Willys Interlagos (Renault Alpine A108) in street and racing livery. The bottom of the car says "Roly Toys, Industria Brasileira, No. 1, Willys Interlagos Berlineta. The models I know of are: (#1)Willys Interlagos Berlineta, (#2) DKW Vemaget (a DKW estate/station wagon, also in fire and police livery), (#3) VW Kombi (bus), VW Kombi mail truck, VW Kombi ambulance, (#4) Scania Vabis, (#5) VW 1200 Beetle (some with doors which open, and some without), (#6) Willys Jeep, (#7) Mercedes Benz Tanker (in Texaco, Shell and Esso livery). Although a Centurion tank is often mentioned, it appears this was actually a Matchbox copy, and didn't have a number. I've also found on the Internet owners claiming to have a Scania Vabis truck with #11 on it instead of #4. There also seems to be a rare Karmann-Ghia convertible, Centurion tank, Camaro, and Karmann-Ghia. Production ceased in the early 70s.

In 1967 the company imported Matchbox cars from England instead of manufacturing them due to increased demand. I think that the source below (remember, I'm working from a bad translation) states that Matchbox production for Brazil then moved to Manaus, a city along the Amazon river. The bottom of the car may say "Alfeme Norte, PZF Manaus," which means "Produzido na Zona Franca de Manaus (made in the duty-free zone of Manaus)."

Much of of this history came from what I could understand from a poor Google translation (it definitely has problems with Portuguese) of Die-cast Cult Virtual Magazine. Definitely take a look at the site -- there are some great pictures of Roly Toys cars.

Strangely, the site recounts a story of one of the owners getting help from a local dealer in measuring a Ford Galaxie, yet there is no mention of such a model. It also discusses a Chevy Camaro (incorrectly called a Ford Camaro at one point), and shows a picture of it -- yet maintains that it wasn't ever manufactured. Curious.

I also found an article written by a Robert Tumminelli (introduced as webmaster of www.minaturesbrasil -- but the link was dead when I tried it) on another Protugese-language site. This site concentrates on the plastic airplane model activities of Kiko, but it does also have an interview with Mauricio Nhuch. Good luck with the Google translation!

Ruestes (Argentina)
Got some exciting information about Ruestes in my email. I got a message from Sergio Ruestes, the son of the founder of Ruestes. I'm hoping to get more information, but this is what he has sent so far:

"...I can´t give you specific information about models, because my father is out of the city, and I must ask him to tell you about the ford Capri or other (models)... However, I can tell you that Ruestes made more toys than only die cast cars...

"My father had very deep frienships with the people of companies like Galgo, Buby, and others from Argentina and with the people of Giusval (in the 70s and 80s).

"In the 90s, he was forced to import because the country wasn´t competitive to manufacture toys in Argentina. In the period 1999-2000 the company (went out of business) and we lost some old stocks of old cars from the 70s and 80s."

As soon as I get any more information, I'll pass it along. The Rueste I have is a 1:37 Capri with opening doors. In truth, the body doesn't appear to be prepared well before painting, and it appears that they may have taken over another company's dies. The bottom says "Industria Argentina" -- and this part is in a raised block as if it covers something -- maybe it's a mold from Dinky by way of Guisval? I mention Dinky because there are similarities with a Dinky model of the Capri, especially with the interior.

An interesting model that I'm really glad I found.

Ruestes Ford Capri
Ruestes Ford bottom

Russian-Made Models
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