Quiralu (France)
Be very careful if you are buying a Quiralu. Unscrupulous people have been seen on the Internet passing off the 90s reissues as the 50s originals. Not that there's anything wrong with the reissues -- they're quite nice, in fact, from the original dies -- just know that the reissues aren't worth anything near what the originals are.

Quiralu, both the originals and the reissues, are agreeble, simle castings without interiors. They come in nearly identical boxes, but there is note on a flap that it is a reissue ("Original reproduction exclusively produced by Morotsport, Inc."). The reissues also have plastic windows, unlike the originals, and the base plate is shiny tin rather than the original's black metal. The "Quiralu" signature will not be on the reissue; it will just have the name of the car and "Made in France." but the originals will have a black base. The reissues will have a shiny tin base.

Putting together the various entries I've found on the Internet, the original models started production in 1956, although the parent firm began in 1933. The reissues were from Louis Surber SA of France through a US company called "Morotsport," based in Miami, Florida. There is a USA Fax number listed on the box, but I'm sure that's long become someone else's number.

Quiralu Box
Quiralu Marley Break
Quiralu bottoms (reissue of Mercedes on left; original Marley Break on right)

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