Igra logoIgra (Czechoslovakia)
According to Model Collector, Igra was a 60s manufacturer. I have mostly seen the cars that this article mentions -- 1:36th scale versions of a Laurin and Klement Voituretta, Praga Charron Landaulet, Tatra President and a Velox Prague Landaulet. The other most likely seen car is a friction-driven plastic model with a metal base. I have an ambulance version (are they all ambulances?). It is very crude, very much a toy -- unlike the forementioned models, which at least in pictures seem to be fairly well detailed.

Igra ambulance

Inbrima (Brazil)
(See Roly)

Ingap logoIngap (Italy)
More plastic model madness! These smaller than HO, larger than Matchbox cars were made in Italy -- and will never, ever win the prize for precision. The Dodge Dart Pioneer and Corvair I own sort of look like the big cars. And by that, I mean that they have indentations in the plastic which look like doors, hoods and trunks. Okay, maybe that isn't totally fair, but don't look to these models for authenticity. Why look to them? They remind me a lot of the free cars we got in cereals as a kid, mostly.

Please note that these comments are about the smaller scale Ingap cars. They apparently made some larger-scale cars which look pretty good in pictures, but I have never seen them in person.

Ingap Dodge Dart Pioneer and Chevy Corvair

Intercars/Inter-Cars (Spain)
(See Nacoral)

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