Galgo (Argentina)
Galgo Logo
Who knew Argentina was such a hotbed of diecast manufacturers? Galgo is the most toy-like of any of its countrymen you'll see listed here. I have two 1:43 models, a Taunus Ghia police car (interesting that "Policia" is written backwards on the hood of the car -- doesn't seem like people would be able to see that in their rearview mirrors), and a Ford pickup with a camper shell. Both models have plastic bases and are very crude (especially the plastic camper shell on the pickup).

Doug Breithaupt (with David Cook) has a fine article on Galgo that you can read here.

By the way, don't bother to go to -- it isn't this Galgo.

Galgo Ford Taunus Police car front
Galgo Ford Taunus Police car rear
Galgo Ford Truck
Galgo Ford Truck bottom

GMK Metalbox (Hungary)
These are Corgi Juniors made in Hungary. The top of the blister cards I have say "GMK Metalbox," but the bottom says "Metalbox GMK," so take your pick. There is nothing on the cars that would tell you who made it -- just the name of the car model and a patent number. The quality equals that of Far East Corgi Juniors.

Metalbox Rover

Goldvarg (Argentina)
Pick up a Goldvarg, and you'll think you've lifted an anchor - at least the model I have, a 1:43 1950 Packard "Woodie" wagon. The bottom of my Packard (which as real wood inserts, by the way), says "Date of Brass Model Finishing 21-2-91" (whcih would be February 21, 1991), and "The Goldvarg Collection, Packard Woodie Wagon 1950, scale 1-43." There is also an attached tag which says "Goldvarg Collection, Jose Ortega Y Gasset 1616, ler. Piso, (1426) Capital Federal, Republica Agentina." The reverse says "Certificate, Model No. 6-294, Date of assembly 17-10-92, Quality control OK, Sign (and a signature here of Sergio Goldvarg). The model number, date, "OK" and signature are all written in in blue ink.

The best I've been able to pinpoint the years of manufacture are 1989 to 1997. There have been many reports online that SMTS of England is again producing the cars but I found a forum that states that deal didn't go through. The same forum says that Sergio Goldvarg has a restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I received an email in 2008 from Alex Alvarado in Florida, who told me that he frequents Sergio Goldvarg's restaurant ("Waffleworks" in Hollyood, Florida). Alex says about Goldvarg -- "I've had conversations with him that have lasted hours. In regards to the forums, they're not all quite accurate. I found one that stated he had passed away years ago. Not true unless I've been sitting there talking to his ghost." You can find more information at (enter the site, then click on "Extra Extra"). Thanks, Alex!

Goldvarg Packard "Woodie" wagon

Gorgo (Argentina)
Gorgo was a maker of cars and trucks in many scales, in tin and plastic, most with friction motors. I'm still looking into this company.

The car I have is a tin DKW school (escolar) bus without a friction motor, which I picked up in Buenos Aires.

Gorgo school van

Guiloy LogoGuiloy (Spain)
Looking at the present logo of this company, you might think is says "Guiltoy," but it is actually "Guiloy." I'm sure you've seen quite a few at places like your local KB toys over the years -- pretty nice looking models of cars like the Chrysler Atlantic show car in 1:18. But did you also know that they've made some1:43 models? The one I have is an Opel Ascona -- which I'm very willing to bet is a casting from some other company (if the area looks different around the company name and country of origin it's likely the mold was altered). I don't know yet who made the car originally, but I'll keep looking.

You can visit the Guiloy Web site to see their present offerings.

Guiloy Opel Ascona

Guisval Logo Guisval (Spain)
Guisval is one of those companies which make it easy for us -- by still existing. At least I think it still does. I had the Web site linked here, but it seems to be a bad link now. I'll check when I get a chance to see what's happened to it. On the site they described themselves as "a company founded in 1962 and specialised in the manufacture of metal miniatures with plastic parts, and exports to over 35 countries..." As far as I know, the models are still being made in Spain.

A look at the site also showed that, like many manufacturers, they are concentrating on 1:43 trucks, rally cars, motorcycles and race cars. Of particular note to those like me who prefer plain everyday car is the Campeon Series of 60s cars. They look to be castings (like the Fiat 600) inherited from Auto-Pilen. I, in fact, have one of those Fiat 600s. There are differences between the Auto-Pilen and Guisval versions (on the Pilen: jeweled headlights, red plastic taillights, nicer wheels, better "chrome," opening trunk and hood -- the Guisval shares opening doors, better interior with tilting seats), but it's also very obvious to be the same casting.

You'll find Guisval models in Matchbox-size, as well as smaller and at least up to 1:24.

Guisval Seat 131
Guisval Seat 500

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