Dalia (Spain)
Cars were made by Dalia under license from Tekno, though apparently some others for home consumption as well.

Del Prado logo Del Prado (China for Spain)
Del Prado was formed in Madrid, Spain in 1988. They seem to be the Spanish version of the Danbury Mint. And although I’ve seen (and still see) Del Prado models listed on Ebay as “Spanish” or “Italian” (no idea where they got that), they are actually “Chinese.” Yes, like everything else these days, the models are made in China. I understand that the cars are given “free” along with a magazine publication.

Del Prado Toronado

Diapet/Yonezawa (Japan)
Diapets are 1:43 diecast models made in Japan by Yonezawa toys (yes, the same Yonezawa who made toys made out of tin). The bottom of my Diapet is crowded with a lot of words --“Yonezawa Toys, Diapet No. D-197, Made in Japan, Patent No. 730785, Nissan Fairlady Z 432.” It’s loaded with opening hood, doors and hatch, tilt seats, and suspension.

Yonezawa appears to still be manufacturing diecast cars, though the company has been bought by Sega.

Nissan Leopard.

Duvi (France)
What? You don’t have a Duvi in your collection? It’s actually a nice model, though made of resin instead of diecast. Mine is a blue police (gendarmerie) car. The bottom says “Duvi, Citroen Ami 6, 1/43, Made in France.” I should actually say I THINK it says 1/43 on the bottom – that’s right where the hole is to attach the car to its base.

Anybody know anything else about this company?

Duvi Gendarmerie
Duvi Gendarmerie bottom

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