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his isn't the place to
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"But... What the heck is it?"

Sure, I love my Matchbox cars. But I also love the weirdos. The cars that make people furrow their brows and ask, “What the hell is it?”

But finding out about the weirdo brands was always a difficult task-- until the Internet came along. Still, it’s tough to be an English- speaker when the cars you want to collect are coming from France and Hungary and the Czech Republic and... well, nearly everyplace where you don’t speak the language.

So I decided to start this Research Center -- someplace where you can search out information on that new Polfi truck made in Greece that you just bought on Ebay. I’m just getting started, so you’ll see a lot of the links not working yet. Not good business practice, I know... but heck, I’m not a business, and if I don’t put it up now, it’ll NEVER get up!

I’ll keep adding and updating as I can... and I encourage you to contact me with any information or photos you might have that I could put up on the site.

-- Keith Bickford


Me (far right) on the porch with brothers Kevin and Kirk (far left) and neighbors.

Believe it or not, I used this as a sticker for my first sales on Ebay (putting in
the name of that particular car, of course). It was a hoot, but took WAY too long!

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